Air Navigation Charges

The FSUE “State ATM Corporation” provides state air navigation services (ANS) to Russian and foreign users of Russian airspace. Air navigation services are provided on uniform terms at a charge, unless otherwise required by Russian law. The users of the airspace of the Russian Federation pay charges for air navigation services. Charge rates are set by the Federal Tariff Service and published in Russia’s AIPs.

In order to ensure the operation and development of the Joint ATM System of the Russian Federation, the FSUE “State ATM Corporation” calculates and collects air navigation charges from foreign and Russian airspace users in compliance with the procedure established by the Ministry of Transport of Russia.

The Air Navigation Charges Center (the ANC Centre) of the Head Office of the FSUE “State ATM Corporation” performs calculation and collection of air navigation service charges from:

The Branches of the FSUE “State ATM Corporation” calculate and collect ANS charges from: